Some frequently needed information that might help you in the first place. Please hit us with e-mail if you have any questions.

On most occations it is between 4 to 8 weeks.

Most likely yes! Please contact us by email: info@caineclothiers.com

Yes, you may always book your time on the preferred occasion that suits you the best. Preferably between Mon - Sat.  

Yes we gladly do, please visit or contact us for an estimate. Factory resoling services are available only for the brands we sell. 

Made-to-Measure means that the product is made according to your measurements by altering the basic pattern. You can also choose the fabric, the fit and the fine details from specific options.

Made-to-Order piece is usually referred to a rare and valuable product that won't go to production unless specifically ordered by the customer or the shop. Take an alligator wallet for an example, or a very fine pair of Saint Crispin's.

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