ALL Brands

Manufacturer of vintage inspired leather jackets - enthusiastically reserached styles from bygone era. Every piece is made in Scotland by skilled experts of their craft. Toughest leather jackets on the planet.

The best of shoemaking from New England, USA. Whilst fitted correctly Alden provides an excellent combination of handsome design plus unequalled comfort. Only available at our Brick and Mortar. 

Fine belt makers from Parma, Italy with over 50 years of experience. Anderson's presents the northern Italian belt making at its finest. Authentic style, carefully selected materials and superb craftsmanship. 

Authentic desert boots made in Italy. Astorflex strives for transparent and environment friendly production. Use of vegetable tanned leathers, water-based colors, non-solvent glues and natural rubber soles make these boots feel good.

Begg & Co handcrafts exquisite scarves, wraps and throws from the finest cashmere, silk and lambswool angora yarns. Woven in Ayr, Scotland since 1866.

Manufacturer of excellent quality Goodyear Welted shoes. All production are under the same roof in Spain. See the collection of the basic styles and our in-house models.

This London based denim house have quickly made a name for themselves since launching in 2016. Black Horse Lane offers models and materials that are suitable for many kinds of needs. We love their NW1- and E5 -type jeans especially when made from the 14oz. Kurabo raw selvedge denim.

«Bleu de chauffe» is the name of the blue jacket worn by French engine drivers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Inspired by the industrial universe of the 20th century, crafted in contemporary manner. Bleu de Chauffe manufactures all their bags in France.

Brady Bags has been producing quality leather and cotton goods in Walsall, England since 1887. Starting their work from best quality drill canvas from Italy, long lasting brass components and English bridle leather. Many of their styles that were introduced in the 1930s and 1940s are still produced according to the original patterns.

Expert maker of fine mens socks. The philosophy of Bresciani 1970 is basically based on two words: quality and comfort. developed with “old-fashioned” methods, supported by the best and most up-to-date technology. 12 manual steps finish and pack the product carefully, making each piece unique. Made in Italy.

Carlos Santos is a Portuguese Family owned company that has been making shoes since 1942. They represent some of the most elegant shoes coming out of Portugal. Providing excellent feel based on their use of quality materials and well-fitting lasts. We are always happy when the customer finds their pair.

Carmina is a family run shoemaking company that boasts one of the finest collections of shoes in the world. Beautiful designs, fine materials and a superb level of finishing has made Carmina famous around the globe.

The charm of the British countryside is reflected in the variety of models of this All-English coatmaker from Corby. Ready-to-wear and Made-to-order available.

CQP is one of the hottest sneaker manufacturers in recent years. Based in Stockholm, they have created a robust selection of casual wearing shoes that offer a great option for footwear outside of sports and Goodyear welted shoes.  The unlined Racquet has become a standard piece of our selection. Made in Portugal.

The definition of English high quality footwear, balanced perfectly between the entry level and the absolute best of English shoemaking. They offer a wonderful and fine collection of classical and modern shoe designs. Made in Northampton since 1879.

Edesim was founded in Naples in 1954 by Eduardo de Simone, with long history in tailoring. Now his son Eduardo De Simone Jr. holds the banners of this great Neapolitan tailoring house.

Exceptional quality ties all handmade in Naples. Born out of Mr. Partizio Cappelli's love for English silks. Resulting in beautiful interpretations of British ties fashioned in the Neapolitan way.

C.C. Filson from Seattle, Washington USA is an independent outfitter and manufacturer of goods for outdoor enthusiasts. Since 1897 they have been known for reliability and comfort, and their unfailing goods have been a real companion of any outdoorsman. "Might as well have the best."

Finamore 1925 offers pristine shirts made in Naples, Italy.

Frank Clegg is the byword for a well made and modern American made leather goods. Their broad selection consists of superbly designed and made leather goods. We also offer Frank Clegg Made-to-Order

Hemen designs underwear with personality for the men of today, living in harmony with their time and caring about their comfort, male underwear with an attitude.

Hemen means «here» in Basque language.

Woollen Mill established in 1797 in Elgin, Scotland. Johnstons produces some of the finest woollen and cashmere knitwear in existence. They carry out the processes of dyeing, spinning, weaving and finishing in one site thus making it the only mill in Scotland that produces everything from start to finish.

Fine leather goods manufacturer based near Frankfurt, Germany that has been in the business for five decades. Kreis offers an impressive selection of belt styles, but also makes briefcases and bags alike. Some the very special and exotic leathers are included in their Made-to-Order line.

Leadership is often in the hands of men who wear Liverano & Liverano. When it comes to tailoring Liverano & Liverano are among the very best and of remarkable quality and craftsmanship.

Loake is a classic English shoemaking house that has been manufacturing since 1880. They offer well made models that surely provide whats expected of them. We also offer their full stock collection and can order a pair in few weeks when available.

Robert Mackie of Scotland has been making woollen hats, scarves & gloves in Scotland since 1845. Originally making traditional highland headwear, they must know what's needed to provide long lasting woollen protection, comfort and style.

Founded in 1998 by Giuliano Ceccarelli. Manifattura Ceccarelli produces great quality outerwear that bonds together the requirements of functional clothing and sophisticated well thought out details completed with impeccable finishing.
Made in Italy

Fine Italian shirt making from Bari. Mazzarelli stands tall as our main made-to-measure shirt manufacturer. We also offer a range of their ready-to-wear pieces.

Merz b. Schwanen is a German company that produces loop-wheeled garments from natural materials. Proudly made in Germany.

Merino knitwear specialists. Founded in 1969 in and named after the small commune of Morgano in Treviso, Italy, Morgano offers an excellent price point for a quality product.

As they say, the finest socks in the world. 'Honest John' Hall Started making hosiery in 1882, and even today they are made in the heart of England at Pantherella's Leicestershire factory. We offer an ever growing selection of their fine socks.

Paraboot, the French shoemaking house that produces many of our favourite pairs - icons like Michael, Chambord, Avignon and of course Avoriaz, the ultimate city hiking boot. Since 1908, they have made name for themselves with the unique styles and great combination of different materials.

Resolute produces high quality jeans modelled out of classic styles from days bygone. Indigo yarn dyed cotton threads woven with antique shuttle looms create the fabric what we know as selvedge denim, only approximately 1 % of all the denim fabrics made per year are selvedge. Cut and finished with skilled artisans in Osaka, Japan.

Glove makers in Milan, Italy since 1920. Family owned business. Art, Passion, Tradition and Handcraftmanship Made in Italy.

Ring Jacket has a rich history that dates back more than 60 years. During the mid-1950's, the company was born out of a passion for clothing and a commitment to quality. The goal was clear: to produce ready-to-wear clothing that was of the same caliber as custom-made garments. Since the beginning, Ring Jacket has produced their tailored clothing in-house in Osaka, Japan. Today, Ring Jacket offers a beautifully made Japanese garment with a distinct Italian flavor - classic clothing reinterpreted in a modern and comfortable way.

Rutherfords of England is making some of the finest English bridle portfolios, cases and briefcases. Classic styles that never go out of use.

Saint Cripin's manufactures by hand some 1500 exquisite pairs a year. Becoming one of the top shoemakers in the world has been due to their flexible production, beautiful design, high level of craftsmanship and precious materials. They are the jewel of our collection of shoes.

Saphir, the french manufacturer of shoe care and accessories provides us with all that is needed for well done leather care for shoes and other articles.

Most men look for The Sportsmen Label. The good looks you’ll see at first glance. The comfort you’ll feel with the first step. And you’ll enjoy it every moment you wear it.

A rising star of shoemaking from the island of Mallorca. Founded in 2018 by the industry veteran Toni Llobera Barceló with of knowledge under his belt TLB has quickly risen into prominence among those who appreciate great quality footwear.

Tusting is a British leathergoods maker known for its luxury handbags and luggage. Founded in 1875 and operated from a factory in the village of Lavendon, Buckinghamshire.

Genuine French workwear. Vetra was founded in Paris in 1927. A family business ran by the great-grandsons of the founder. Vetra offers classic French workwear all made in France.

The Scottish manufacturer William Lockie uses natural fibres and traditional techniques that have been passed on for generations to produce the outstanding knitwear they are known for. Different styles available from Cashmere, Lambswool, Geelong and Camel and in a great variety of colors.

Established in 1871 in Switzerland - Zimmerli is among the finest makers of men's underwear in the market.

Cited by many as one of the world's finest. Their shirts are crafted by fifty artisans in Amritsar, India. We offer a range of ready-to-wear and also made-to-measure.