Shoe Shining
& repairs

for footwear

Shoe spa

 Our Store offer high-quality shoe cleaning and shining services. All pairs are always carefully inspected, cleaned and treated with multiple layers of Saphir Medaille d'Or products. Shoe care is one of our main services so we know it by heart. Normal delivery time 1-2 days.

Repair Services

Every pair of shoes will need more extensive care taking from time to time. Therefore we offer some of the most used repair services. These are always made in-house. All repair works are finished carefully to cultivate the public's respect for this craftsmanship. Normal delivery time 1 week.

Factory Resoling

We offer Factory resoling service for many of the represented makers. Please contact us about best resoling options for your pair. Normal delivery time is 6-8 weeks.

Price list

Shoe Spa

- Wash & polishing from 20€
- Edge waxing 20€
- Wash & Mirror shine (or extra dirty footwear) from 45€

Repair services

- Heel taps: 30€
- Heel taps: Dainite sole 40€
- Heel taps: Oak bark leather with rubber tip 45€
- Half soles 40€
- Metal Lulu toe tips 45€
- Sewing repairs from 15€

- Custom leather insoles from 30€
- Tongue pads (leather) 30€

Factory Resoling 

We offer factory resoling for many of our manufacturers.
Prices for full resole vary from 150€ - 250€. 

More details by request.