Made to Order

Made to the details and materials of your choice. 

Those who seek the best and the unique, will commend the high standards of Caine's made-to-order services.
Thought out and made especially for the likes that don't settle their choice on the default one. 
Offering a wide selection of possible materials, a great variety of models and many different fits provides you with the most options for customization.

Holding a great item made for you for the first time is a moment not to be forgotten. Your dream pair of shoes, exquisite piece of leather goods or a unique piece of leather (jacket) is just a step away...

Made-to-order service is for creating individual items (shoes, accessories or apparel) based on the customer's order. The choice of materials and models are yours. There are different ways to express your personal style through finishings and materials. Please discuss all the details with us.

Depending on the maker, our estimated delivery time is between 4-12 weeks. For all affairs, please do not hesitate to contact us

Leather goods