significant difference is often made with minor details of the cut and tweaking of the materials and construction.

Men who have respect for their appearance will enjoy Caine Clothiers made-to-measure services. Our aim is, there’s a dramatic moment when you first put on a Caine Clothiers made-to-measure garment, for you will immediately feel the distinction and comfort of our classic masculine styles. 

Making your new made-to-measure investment starts with a dialogue between the customer and the tailor. Then the most suitable cloth is selected, fine details are picked and the customer’s measurements are carefully taken. We offer a variety of materials, styles and models from different makers and different price ranges. From the very best of Florentine tailoring to the budget friendly yet stylistically refined, fine every day garments.

Your suit, sports jacket or coat is only as good as the cloth it is made of - the way it cuts, drapes, wears and looks. Come visit us and explore the broad selection of cloths from the worlds best mills. Read more

Our estimated delivery time is between 4-8 weeks. For urgent affairs, please do not hesitate to contact us.