Field Report no 1: Webstore Launched

Dig it, hepcats: Caine Clothiers webstore is now open! Grab your favourite goods online!

Word is that the inventory is quite a big one, so new items will be dropping in slowly. So if you see something on our social media channels and the item is not online, drop a message! If available - we'll gladly sell it.

Dig: First Liverano & Liverano retailer in the nordics!!! The Florentine sartorial nitroglycerine! Everybody wants it, not many can afford it. If you're light on the wallet or just don't want to invest a considerable amount on a piece of clothing  - we got some budget friendly goods of great quality too! 

Watch for future updates on the Field Department and remember, cats, you read it here first.

The Field Department

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