Made in Corby, Great Britain

Manufacturer of your favourite English outerwear piece. Chrysalis was founded in 1985 by Chris Blackmore, a well seasoned veteran of the clothing industry. Having works with the likes of Gloverall and Chester Barrie, Mr. Blackmore transferred all his past experience and skills into fruition with Chrysalis. Their product represents the history and the craftsmanship of British outerwear. 

Should you desire a classic raglan raincoat, a heavy wool duffle coat, a waxed cotton field coat or perhaps thornproof tweed overcoat - Chrysalis can provide. When it comes to fabrics, Chrysalis provides the most essential tweeds, wools and cottons from Lovat - other options are also available from our vast suppliers of cloths. Read more

Estimated delivery time is between 8 to 10 weeks.

Please come by or book your time to discuss better.