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Wool All-Day Cap in Dark Navy

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This Cotton Cap is designed to be your all-weather, all-day cap with a rich, laid back look.

It's been made with the luxurious, high-quality Ventile cotton fabric, sourced from Switzerland. This woven fabric is created with ELS cotton fibres that are used to form a low-twist yarn, which is then woven into a tight high-density textile to create a 100% cotton fabric, capable of providing an effective barrier against inclement weather. In wet weather the softly spun yarns - within the tight weave - dynamically expand to form an effective barrier against the elements.

The Ventile cotton material gives the cap a natural water repellency, while maintaining a light weight and preferred breathability.

At the back you will find an adjustable nylon strap with stainless steel rings to personalize your fit and Varsity’s signature logo.


  • outer fabric made from 100% Organic Cotton - Ventile®
  • interior fabrics made from 48% Polyester, 30% Cotton, 22% Viscose
  • fitted with an adjustable nylon strap (+/- 1.5 cm), held together with stainless steel rings
  • hand wash only with mild textile detergents



M (56.5 - 58.5 cm | 22.2 -23 inches)
L (58.5 - 60.5 cm | 23 - 23.8 inches)
XL (60.5 - 62.5 cm | 23.8 - 24.6 inches)